The Covid Engagement

Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day with Charbonnel et Walker’s first of 14 Hong Kong Love Stories – “The Covid Engagement"

Meet this cute couple, Jessi and Ben. Find out how they met in Hong Kong and made 2020 their most memorable year as a couple when they got engaged.

Congratulations on getting engaged. Tell us how you both met, and how long you have been dating?

We met one evening at a French restaurant called Belon here in Hong Kong. It was a private event and I was invited by one of my girlfriends. Ben's brother brought him along as he had recently moved from New York. There were about 30 people in a pretty intimate space. My girlfriend and I arrived late, and it just so happened that the only seats still available were next to Ben. A few cocktails and motown ballads later we just started chatting and eventually exchanged numbers. Four and half years later, here we are!


How did Ben propose to you?

Ben's initial idea was a holiday proposal, but travel restrictions made him rethink the whole thing. In true Covid fashion, we did the most lovely staycation at the Mandarin Oriental. We spent an afternoon making chocolates in their pastry kitchen, and mixing cocktails in the Krug room. When we got back to our suite, we started talking about the future. That's when Ben transitioned into the proposal - 'the first step to that future' - in his words. He then got down on one knee, and popped the question!

Three things you love about each other?


1. His unwavering conviction and quiet confidence. He's my mountain and the safest place to hide.

2. He genuinely gives people his time. He has a way of making anyone he speaks to feel comfortable and heard.

3. He's handsome, opinionated, and always has an open mind.


1. Her magnetic and positive energy. It's the first thing I noticed about her. You always know when Jessi is in the room. It's a good vibe and I love that about her.

2. She has an abundance of love to give and that's evident in everything she does.

3. Motivated and hard working. She's always thinking about what's next and the future.


What do you love doing together?

Pre-Covid, exploring the world. During Covid, exploring Hong Kong.


What type of chocolate would best describe each other?

J: Ben would be dark chocolate. Pure cocoa, none of the fluff, delicious and good for the heart.

B: Jessi would be champagne chocolate truffles.