Women of CeW

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we shine the spotlight on 2 of our boss ladies at Charbonnel et Walker Hong Kong. These ladies are strong, independent, and successful in their own fields which is why we thought it best to hear what their definition of a strong woman is. 

Question: "What does it mean to be a strong woman?"

Zelinda Ng (Finance & HR Director)
A strong woman is self-aware, patient, ready to help others, humble but confident. She loves and takes care of her family. She has empathy and respects and shows appreciation to people around her. She is with grit and tenacity at workplace.

My favourite quote is Laozi’s ” 修身齊家治國平天下 “ (meaning that you should cultivate yourself by being righteous and honest, then bring order to your family and govern your country well and the world will be in peace).

What's your favourite Charbonnel et Walker Chocolate flavour?
My favourite Charbonnel et Walker product is Milk Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate truffles!

Katie Forster (Public Relations)

A strong woman is confident enough to ask for help when she needs it. She goes out of her way to build up other women, and owns her feelings and emotions. 

What's your favourite Charbonnel et Walker chocolate flavour? 
My favourite chocolates are the Sipsmith Gin Chocolate Truffles!