Personalise your chocolate gift with individually designed bespoke boxes, a sleeve, a ribbon, or a gift tag.  In addition to including a company logo and colours of your choice, we can also add in personalised messages for every occasion.

“Build your own” hampers

We have a range of delectable hampers available which can be filled to your bespoke selection. ​Allow us to guide you through our collections to make the perfect choice.​ Each hamper is beautifully finished with satin ribbons making it a delightful presentation piece or luxury gift.


Are there minimum order quantities?

Minimum quantities may be required depending on client request.
This may range from a minimum of 20 to 200 – please contact us directly
for more details.

Do you charge for the design?

We are able to work with you, and your designers, or ours to create the perfect bespoke gift of your choice and try to keep as reasonable as possible any additional costs incurred for the bespoke design process.  Final costs are dependent upon the work involved, the final order quantity and lead time required.

How long does it take to complete prepare for one order?

We normally estimate the design process to take 2-3 weeks if within our ‘normal’ scope (there is never normal). Of course this does depend how fast designs are confirmed and finalized.  Given order size can significantly vary between customers it is hard for us to predict ‘off the shelf’ delivery times as this is stock dependent. 

Assuming our UK-based production facility has capacity then we should be able to fulfil nearly all orders within 6 weeks of confirmation, and we have been known to complete the entire process within one week.

Next step?

Please do get in touch with us at +852 9401 5414 or to find out more.