Love at First Sight

Many would say ‘Love at First Sight’ doesn’t happen in real life but for James and Marina, it DID! One conversation was all it took for sparks to start flying for this couple.

How did you two meet?

We met at a career event, he came to talk to me and I was certainly attracted; a short conversation made me feel like I had known him for a long time! Though the feeling of attraction back then was not yet love, I do describe it as ‘love at first sight’.

However James insists I went to talk to him - he remembered wrongly!


What was the proposal like?

He proposed on a trip to Bali. He set up beautiful petals next to the pool in our villa. He timed it right before I was going to take a shower, so the answer wasn’t ‘yes!’, it was ‘let me put some clothes on...’

We used air miles to book the trip so I didn’t expect a proposal. Later, when I asked James why he chose to propose on that trip, he said I had been sending him signals so he knew it was time - I still have no idea what he’s talking about!


3 things you loved about 2020?

1. Jacey (my daughter)

2. Health of the family

3. Potential vaccines coming


What makes you both laugh?

Marina: Stand-up comedian, Gin Martini, James

James: Ridiculous parenting suggestions from our parents


Your perfect Valentine's Day consists of...

Champagne, chocolate, the love of my life, and Champagne. Did I mention Champagne twice? Two bottles please.

What are some hobbies that you both enjoy?

We travel a lot together. We love to explore new places. We also enjoy tennis and swimming to burn off the calories from chocolate desserts.


Favourite pizza topping?

Marina: Rocket leaves

James: Pepperoni


You welcomed a beautiful baby girl last October... tell us about that experience.

She’s such a gift to both of us - so healthy, happy and beautiful. We are lucky to be next to her and watch her grow. It's taken three months to not tear up every time I see her smile.

It’s amazing that she’s already showing some personalities at this age. She’s talkative, likes attention, hugging and bathing. She’s easily contented as well - milk will do the magic! I wish her all the best things in the world and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her.


How has parenthood changed your lives?

Being a mother isn't the easiest. I have lost my free time and sleep as well as had my body change. The expectations of being at work and being a mum are very different so I have been taking time to adapt and improve. On the bright side, we have this cute girl attached to us all day and happily smiling!


Does your husband love chocolates? If so, truffles or plain chocolates?

James is a chocolate maniac. I tried asking what he prefers, but his mind escaped as soon as he heard the word ‘chocolate’. I assume both truffles and plain chocs are his favourite then!