Tina & Mia

They say friends are the family you choose and with our second Hong Kong Love Story, you can definitely see that these 2 chose right. Tina and Mia have been best friends for over 15 years (longer than the run of the tv show Friends!). It may seem like a long time but for these girls, their bond just gets stronger.

How did you two meet?

We met at a university in London on the first day of class in 2005. We were each other’s first friends, and we have been best friends ever since.


What makes your bond special?

Mia: Tina has always been someone I could genuinely count on. She is a great listener. I know that she'll always be there for me no matter what. I have a great dynamic with her family too. She is an only child and comes from a very loving, tight-knit family who treats me like one of the clan. It’s like sisterhood for me.

Tina: Mia and I are completely different people - polar opposites in fact. Despite that, she is the person I connect with the most. Just like she said, I can always count on her. She is my go-to person.

They say you can measure a relationship on how easily you can be quiet together. If this is true, ours is rock solid. We love to chill together and spend stress-free time with each other. Of course, we’ll never pass on a marathon Sex and the City binge. We’ve been doing that since our uni days! And we’ll never say no to chocolate (hint!)