Family Bonds

Although 2020 may have been a tough year, Sylvia and her family had positive takeaways - from the celebration of her 20th anniversary to the closer family bond built through quality time together.

Congratulations on celebrating your 20th Wedding Anniversary last year. Tell us how you celebrated.

Due to the pandemic, we had a series of 7x sit down dinners at our home with various catering restaurants! We originally wanted a big party with everyone all together but due to the pandemic, we couldn’t. Despite that, the celebration we had was actually better than we expected because it was more intimate.

After 20 years of marriage,  how do you define “Love”?

We define love as respect, trust, having common goals/interests, giving each other mutual support, and simply accepting each other’s flaws. It is inspiring one another to be better.

What do you love most about your husband?

He is someonce I can trust and rely on for comfort and security. He is genuinely a good hearted man.

You have travelled extensively. Which place do you think is the most romantic place in the world and why?

It would be Paris and most parts of Italy. The history, food, wine, and culture of these place make them very romantic.

Favourite activity to do together as a family?

We love skiing together and all the après too!

All-time favourite romantic movie?

Sylvia: Titanic
Lauren (Daughter): Dear John


2020 was a challenging year for most people. How was it for you and your family?

It was certainly challenging on the work front since it affected our business in Niseko. However, the positive is that it brought our family closer. It gave us an opportunity to spend more time with each other since it halted all our busy travel schedules.

What words of wisdom would you give your daughters on “Love”?

Find someone who loves you more than or the same as you love them.

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day this year?

Most likely, we’ll have nice family dinner.